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Sunday, June 6, 2010


from fourwinds10.com
Hello Everyone,

Below is an Update from a high level RAP Represenitive who is also my friend.

I believe this information to be true and pure and I do not doubt its source one bit.

Take Care,


Hello folks,

I have received several responses to our message of yesterday. Concerning the Restore America Plan Guardian Elder's, being placed under Military Protection - "in" Secure Locations....

The majority have been positive "like this message that I am replying to herein".

But Sadly a few have been disheartening like this one -

["What the hell are the so called gaurdian [spelling sic], elders guarding? Are they suffering from delusions of grandeur? Could it be that the very people being accused of destroying the republic are really the ones protecting it?

The problem isn't the democracy; it's the idiots that the democracy is controlling. Isn't the democracy an instrument of the gate keeper? If people bang their heads against the gate instead of using a key that's their problem."]

that I just pasted "above" who cannot use spell-check, among other resources...

For months, across the net. In Chat-Rooms, Groups [this one included!] Blogs and E-Mails [like mine]. People [myself included!]. Have been asking for proof that the Restore America Plan is genuine and Working. Such as "when is my house going to be saved? When is the IRS, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Credit Card Company having me under Collection - going to be brought down"? Where are the NESARA Prosperity Packets [checks or ATM Cards]?

Show Me Proof; I want In depth Information; When are we going to see this or that happen?

WELL, here it is - Right Before Your eyes. The Sign's Have Been There For Weeks!

Did you see them???

Let me spell them out for you...

First of all - The Guardian Elder's Reported to you that "it is a Done-Deal"

Secondly - The Guardian Elder's Reported to you that "the bad-guys bonds" are seized"

Thirdly - The Guardian Elder's Reported to you that "the bad-guys are out of credit money"

Fourthly - The Guardian Elder's Reported to you that "the bad-guys are running around all over their World, trying to borrow assets - to keep their Floundering-Ship-of-Deceit Afloat"!

Fifthly - Sam Kennedy. Who "may" have been a source of internal-strife, in-fighting and release of Pre-Mature" predictions [such as the IRS and FED shutting down - by a day-certain], being broadcast "against" the concerns of the Military. Who want-and-need "everything" [the house cleaning] performed in the background "PRIVATE" or Off of the Main-Stream Media Grid!

Now what Has Been Shown To You - These Past Three or Four Weeks?

1. The FED announced that in a "surprise-move" a New Source of Currency was Revealed!

2. The new Gold-Backed One-Hundred Dollar Bill as released, but "not" put into Circulation "yet" - Waiting upon something to occur!

2. Sam Kennedy, was policed or removed from the Restore America Plan!

2. The "attack" on the oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico - "was" an effort by the Evil Ones, to Intimidate the Guardian Elder's into abandoning and not pursuing "the" Plan!

3. Jerry and young Joseph Kane, were assassinated!

4. One or More Attempts were made on Tim Turner's Life!

5. OBAMA-Nation, appears in his "first" news conference in over a year. And low-and-behold, there are "NO" United States "Military" or Battle Flags behind or around him! What did this "SYMBOLIZE"?

Why was there a female Military Officer "positioned" directly to his left or a "little" FORWARD of his position? What did this "SYMBOLIZE"?


a. OBAMA, was "not" functioning as Commander-In-Chief!

b. ABAMA has "no" Military Protection! The flags are "WITHDRAWN"!

c. OBAMA is functioning in the capacity of the "Private" U.S. INC. Corporation or

d. OBAMA is "in" Military Custody and that female Officer - was JAG or Provost Marshal!

5. All of the Guardian Elder's are placed into a Secure [Military Installation] Location "Under" Protective Custody!

6. Something "BIG" as far as results from the Restore America Plan - Is About To Happen!

7. Rascals are about to or already have been taken into Military Custody for Prosecution!

8. The banks are about to be closed and re-opened "about" three days later, issuing gold-backed currency!

9. Or the Wicked Are About to Make One Last Effort to Shut RAP Down - by setting off a nuclear device; commit some overt act of other sabotage or release of a biological weapon; or assignation of some other prominent individual in the Patriot/Republic Movement - again!

What more proof - do you need?

A Billboard Announcement?

Be Patient, Be Observant, Be Discerning, Be Wise!

STAY CLOSE TO HOME and AWAY from all major population [if possible] areas and Especially Gatherings -


----- Original Message -----
From: Rod Remelin
Sent: Sunday, June 06, 2010 12:02 AM
Subject: Update from a high level RAP Represenitive

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